Актуальность изучения немецкого в игровой

9 августа 2016 г.

Откройте для себя 3 способа. С помощью которых игры для изучения немецкого языка и видеоигры могут помочь вам быстрее выучить и освоить немецкий язык. Сохранить больше и улучшить свои языковые навыки. причины, по которым игра в игры помогает вам быстрее учиться

Создайте бесплатную пожизненную учетную запись и начните изучать весь немецкий язык с самого начала!

Можно ли выучить немецкий язык с помощью игр?

Да, игры для изучения немецкого языка и даже видеоигры могут помочь вам быстрее выучить и освоить немецкий язык и улучшить общее понимание. Исследования показали. Что видеоигры улучшают традиционные методы обучения и делают изучение нового языка. Такого как немецкий. Увлекательным и увлекательным.

Однако без прочной основы грамматики и словарного запаса. Обеспечиваемой обычными программами обучения, вы не сможете выучить немецкий язык с помощью одних только игр. Но когда вы объединяете прочную образовательную базу, подобную той, которую вы получите на GermanPod101, с преимуществами игр для изучения немецкого языка. Вы учитесь быстрее и запоминаете больше. Чем при традиционном обучении.

Let’s now take a look at three of the biggest benefits of using video games to learn German:

Video Games Help Improve Linguistic Skills and Cognitive Development

When combined with a solid foundation in vocabulary and grammar. Video games help students improve reading. Comprehension. And even speaking skills. The results are even more pronounced in struggling students. According to a recent national survey. More than 78% of teachers noted that learning games. Even video games. Were effective in helping struggling students compensate for learning gaps in their traditional studies.

So how do German learning games. Or even video games. Help students improve their linguistic skills and cognitive development? The key is practice, practice. And more practice!
Learning games and video games naturally require the integration of several linguistic skills including reading. Listening, speaking. And even writing in some games. And by removing the fear of making mistakes so common in students in traditional classroom settings, students are free to practice the language and further develop their linguistic and cognitive abilities in the process.

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Learning Games/Video Games Provide In-Context Learning

Students naturally learn faster and comprehend more when they are forced to use the information often and in real-world situations. Even the fake ones created by German learning games and video games. Essentially. This is immersion-based learning or contextual learning very similar to what one experiences when living abroad and being forced to interact with people in another language. So by providing both context and constant feedback. Video games allow students to actually use the knowledge they gain in classrooms or conventional study to learn and master German or any new language faster.

German Learning Games Make Studying Fun and Alleviate Stress

Homework, quizzes, tests. And even in-class assignments can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety in students. Particularly those who may be struggling to keep up. This stress and anxiety can actually derail a student’s progress and cause them to feel isolated from their more successful peers. But video games and even most learning games are the great equalizer because they help alleviate stress. Increase social engagement, and yes. Even help students have fun while learning German or any new language.
In fact, research recently published in The Washington Post shows a wide range of health benefits from video games and learning games including the fact that they:

  • Help Reduce or Alleviate Symptoms of Depression
  • Help Reduce or Alleviate Symptoms of Insomnia
  • Help Alleviate Transitory Stress Symptoms
  • Scientists have indeed discovered that not only can you learn German or any new language faster thanks to video games. They can also provide a wide range of potential health benefits as well. However, learning languages through video games alone is not really a feasible alternative to progressive. Structured learning like you find in classrooms or programs like GermanPod101.

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    The Limitations of Learning Languages Through Video Games

    While great supplemental learning tools. Video games and even more formal learning games are simply no substitute for structured learning programs for two reasons:

  • Learning Games Not Designed to Provide a Foundation in Grammar or Vocabulary: Without the foundation provided by structured German learning (classroom or online). Video games or even language learning games only teach specific phrases and concepts. Now within the context of the video game. These phrases and concepts make sense but most would have little practical value in the real world.
  • Lessons Are Not Structured or Progressive in Nature: Structured learning requires students to be provided with basic building blocks of knowledge (like grammar or vocab lessons) that are then expanded upon in a progressive fashion until mastery. Video games and even many language learning games really only quiz and reinforce what students already know instead of providing structured lessons that can be built upon for future learning.
  • German learning games and even video games are great supplemental tools to help students learn and master a language faster. Scientific studies and recent research reveal that video games can help contextualize formal lessons from structured learning. Enhance linguistic skills. Alleviate stress. And even provide a wide range of potential health benefits. However, learning languages through video games (even learning games) has limitations and is no substitute for structured lessons that provide a firm foundation in vocabulary and grammar.

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